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You surely heard stories like my friend put her wet phone in a bowl of rice and now it’s working perfectly fine after 24 hours. School of thought claims that rice is a good source that sucks all the water from the cell phone or any other electronic device and restores it to life again.  Putting your wet cell phone in dry and uncooked rice is one of the worst options that have been tested. In this article, we will facilitate our readers by giving all the relevant suggestions to what steps should be taken if your cell phone gets wet and what are the disadvantages of placing your wet mobile in a rice container.

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Here are the reasons why you should not place your wet cell phone or any other device which is not waterproof in a bowl of uncooked rice:

  • It Takes Lots of Time:

Rice bags actually take a lot of your time may be a whole day to completely soak the water from the outside, however, the water from inside won’t be completely soaked by the rice.

  • It can Damage Your Phone Circuitry:

The longer you put your cell phone in the bag of rice, its more damage it can make to the internal circuitry of your cell phone. As a result, your cell phone won’t be able to work anymore and become completely dead.

  • Rice Particles can Get Stuck in the Port:

If you try rice trick hack, there is a probability that small rice particles can get stuck in your cell phone charging port and in the headphone port. Taking off these particles with the damage the circuitry is almost impossible in this case.

As mentioned above the rice trick cannot make your phone work again perfectly. It is true that the rice trick absorbs moisture. Does the question arise that if you put your cell phone in water and then places it in a bowl of rice then will the uncooked rice trick work? The answer is yes. If you place your wet phone in an airtight container filled with uncooked rice, the content of moisture present in the phone will be completely drawn out by the rice. But will your phone work after this experiment? Unfortunately, the answer is no. although the rice trick would have worked according to scientific theory and sucked all of the moisture content from the wet cell phone. But to be clear this trick will not only damage the circuitry of your cell phone but also it shouted out as well as corroding. It is important to keep in mind to DO NOT turn our wet cell phone On if there is any moisture present in there.

Learn from your mistakes is always wise. We hope that this article will give you important information. It’s better not to waste your precious time with uncooked rice experiment. It is advisable to use silica gel but in any case, you do not have silica gel than don’t worry, leaving your phone in the open air or under a fan for better circulation of air works well.