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If you are getting mobile phone heat up or it is overheating, there are various conceivable causes. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing an iPhone or an Android phone, discover what is causing your phone to get so hot, how to fix the issue, and how to prevent it from happening once more.

Mobile Phone Heating Issues & Problems, Katy Phone Repair in Houston

Where the warmth is coming from?

At the point when mobile phone temperature rises, the most likely thing are either its battery, processor, or screen. Every one of these parts can produce heat; synthetic substances inside your telephone’s battery make electricity, the processor exchanges data at high speeds (like a PC), and your telephone’s screen radiates light. So how might you pinpoint what’s causing the issue? While not a correct science, you can make an apparent guess why your iPhone or Android mobile phone heats up depending on where the warmth is coming from.

  • The back side of the mobile phone

On the off chance that the back of your mobile phone is getting hot, the issue might be an overheating battery. Most present-day cell phones use Li-Ion (lithium-particle) batteries that, in spite of their size, pack a ground-breaking punch. Li-Ion batteries are commonly protected and safe, yet glitches and malfunctions do sometimes happen, as observed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery blasts. A hot battery could likewise be an indication that it should be replaced.

  • The base of the mobile phone

Check whether the base of the telephone gets hot while charging — assuming this is the case, the issue may be with the charger. Regardless of whether you utilize an iPhone or Android, the most solid charger will be from your mobile hone’s producer (or the original one). Apart from that, chargers other than those are likewise also fine as long as they’re from a good quality or a reputed store.
Above battery, from the speaker, or the screen is heating up
In the event that you see your telephone is getting hot someplace other than the battery or the base where it connects with the charger, at that point investigate other conceivable causes that could be either identified with the mobile phone itself or to other factors. Once you have known the reason first thing to do is cool down your mobile phone.

How to cool down your mobile phone

For a handy solution, the first thing to do is remove your mobile phone’s case. While the case itself ought not to be making your mobile phone overheat, it may trap heat. Removing it can help bring down your mobile phone’s temperature all the more rapidly. Next, turn on airplane mode to rapidly deactivate battery draining activities like wireless radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi or any other apps running in the background. This isn’t the most exact solution; however, it very well may be a quick method to help cool down your mobile phone if it’s overheating.

Furthermore, never put your mobile phone in the fridge, freezer or any other cooling device. While this may seem like the easy counter-reaction to leaving your mobile phone in a hot environment, exposing your mobile phone to extraordinary temperatures or moisture can cause permanent harm. A better solution (however not so effective) is to blow on or fan it. Both iPhones and Androids are intended to work between 0-35 degrees Celsius (32-95 Fahrenheit); however, introduction to temperatures outside of that range can negatively affect your mobile phone’s execution or equipment. In the event that your mobile phone is overheating a result of direct daylight or warmth, you can move it to a shadier spot.

Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

It is said that prevention is better than cure, even with regards to an overheating telephone. Building up some essential mobile phone care activities can truly have a positive effect with regards to decreasing your mobile phone’s life, or having to replace it.

  • Charge your telephone effectively

We previously referenced utilizing a respectable charger; however, where you place your mobile phone while it is charging is additionally vital. Put it on a hard surface that won’t lead heat; not your couch, sofa seat or bed, all of them which hold the warmth delivered by charging.

  • Update your applications

In the event that you see your mobile phone has begun warming up for no evident reason, have a look at some of the applications you have recently installed. It is possible that at least one of them may have a bug that is making your mobile phone overheat. Refreshing applications, for the most part, settle this sort of issue; if not, consider uninstalling the application to decide whether it is the reason your mobile phone is overheating.

  • Keep the mobile phone away from direct sunlight

This may sound like a useless recommendation but is quite effective; however, it tends to be very simple to forget your mobile phone when you’re outside soaking up the sun. Cover your mobile phone with a cloth or some other thing to prevent it from overheating.

  • Utilize an antivirus (Android)

We truly can’t stress enough that it is so essential to utilize antivirus programming on your Android mobile phone. Overheating aside, getting malware on your telephone is going to give you a tough time in any event. And no more, it could delete your important data, leak your banking details, drain your battery, keep an eye on your location, the bottom line goes on; however, the main concern is don’t be stupid with your cell phone. Make a point to utilize an antivirus. This will protect your mobile phone in every way possible.
Heating or warming of the mobile phone is not really a serious issue. However, if it tends to happen every single day or every single time then there is something wrong with it for sure. We have mentioned the reasons and causes of overheating phone and also provided some tips to cure and prevent it. So follow these tips and increase your battery life.