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You know what can freeze you a sudden, it’s your phone dipping into water, you are just shocked and cannot move a bit.

So many thoughts strike your mind, “oh no, my life is ruined”, “dad is not going to buy me a new phone”, “how am I going to connect with my friend visiting California” and so on.

But do not worry, there are chances that your phone is totally gone once water touches it but that is not always the case. If you handle the situation carefully you can save your device.

Here are a few tips on how can you.

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Always Use Protective Cover:

If your phone is covered with a 2-sided protective cover, there are 50% chances that after falling in water your phone would not get soaked with water as protector will provide a shield here.

Turn-off the Phone:

As soon as you realize that you have dropped your phone in water, pick it out and turn that off. Do not try to check at once if that is still working fine or screen resolution is perfect. Just turn the phone off and keep in mind to not put that in the charger at any cost, as electrical components of any device do not tend to work well when encountered with a liquid.

Do Not Shake Your Phone:

Try to put your phone aside so that it does not shake even unintentionally as shaking would provide a mean for water or any liquid to travel further in your phone and may harm a critical component of your phone hardware, maybe the motherboard.

Avoid Heating the Phone:

Some people would advise you to put your phone under the sun or dry it with the hairdryer so that water is dried out of the device. DO NOT.

This is the worst practice you will do with a wet phone. Excessive heat damages the phone hardware and in particular is critical to your phone battery.

Use a Paper Towel or Vacuum:

To dry the phone, the best practice is to use a dry paper towel. Take out the outer cover of your phone, turn that off and lay that down on a paper towel so that extra water is soaked in that.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to air up the phone so that extra water is dried out.

This is all that you should be doing after your phone is dipped off in water. After all these steps now, put your phone aside for 4 to 5 hours and do not be crazy to check that after every 10 minutes. Leave your phone all alone. Let it take some rest and you also take rest after bearing a sudden shock.

Now, after 4 or 5 hours have been passed, try to turn on your phone. If it is turned on easily. Sit calmly and check if all feature is working properly, apps are working and tone is ringing fine. Check for audio, if playing smoothly with and without hands-free.

Check for the most crucial part, call someone and make sure you both are getting a clear voice.

Now, if you try and the phone does not turn on or even after it is turned on, you face any of the issues mentioned above it is time to reach out to your nearest phone repair shop to get your device fixed. Do not try to play with hardware at home and fix things but always hire a pro for this crucial task.

If you are in Houston and see any of the issues with your phone once it is fallen down in water, come to us and we will carefully analyze the problem it has at Katy Phone Repair and do it fixing for you and you will keep enjoying your phone for a longer time.