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It is not wise to buy mobile by spending a great amount of money and then end up with a scratchy screen. From the last few years, the size of the mobile screen got so bigger which increases the chance of mishandling and a broken screen. So is it important to by a screen protector for your cell phone? The answer is yes and here are the reasons that will convince you to buy one for your cell phone.

Thin layer protector film:

Screen protectors are easily available on all sizes according to the size of your mobile screen. They are made up of a thin plastic layer that has gone through the process of tempering in order to strengthen the quality of glass. Some manufacturers make variable models of screen protector like standard fir model, edge to edge model, and curved model while some manufacture generic screen protectors which are not exactly cut according to the shape of the device.

Easy to apply on your mobile screen:

It is advisable to clean your mobile screen with a wet wipe before the application of the screen protector. The position of screen protector must be accurate according to the size of the screen so that no air bubble can be generated.

They are easily affordable:

As compared to tempered glass screen protectors, plastic one of much cheaper and easily affordable. The difference in price is due to the quality of screen protector and the process which it went through like an oleophobic process which is used to reduce the fingerprints on the screen.


The final result of the glass screen protector is hardly noticeable. However plastic screen protectors are lighter than glass screen protectors and hardly visible. The thickness of glass screen protector is around 0.5mm, although it is a small number it can easily feel on devices like iPhone and HTC. On the other hand, the plastic screen protector gives a much slimmer look to your cell phone.

The sensitivity of the screen:

The sensitivity of quality glass protector is very good or it can be also said that the usage of a touch screen with a high quality of screen protector is unchanged. Your fingers can easily glide over the screen of your cell phone and it taps exactly where you want.

It can be easily replaced:

The screen protectors are so cheap that they can be easily replaced if got old or scratchy with the passage of time. It has also been observed that after some usage, unwanted air bubbles also produces in the screen protector which does not look good. But due to the low cost of screen protector one can easily replace it whenever required.


Above are the main reasons to convince you why you should require a screen protector for your cell phone. In the end, it will completely depend upon you whether you need it or not because it will not save your device from everything and is not unbreakable. It avoids scratches on your screen by adding a slim layer of protection which will reduce the chances of costly screen repair and scratched screen.