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Sometimes you plugin your mobile device in a charger and BANG, it is not charging. You would certainly feel annoyed and devastated and  even fall into conclusion that your phone battery has broken down or something serious has happened to your device. But this is not always the case that your battery or phone is broken down, mostly it is some minor issue with your charging cable. So first check with your cable and try to figure out the problem.

1) Check the Charging Cable

First of all check the cable carefully and make sure it is not broken or bent over. As cable has very thin twisted copper cables inside, if not handled carefully they are broken easily.

If you find out that cable is broken, this is the very reason your phone is not charging and there is nothing wrong with your device. You can replace your cable with a new one.

To avoid this problem always handle your cable with care and try to put it in the way that is not bended.

2) Check the Wall Adapter

If your phone is not charging properly, check your wall adapter and make sure, it is not broken or burnt due to short circuit. You can also check it with some other electrical device and see if it is being charged or operated without an issue with the same adapter.

If your adapter is out of order, plug in your phone in some other adapter to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your device and it is working properly.

If still your phone is not being charged with other adapter then you need to check for any fault with it.

3) Check the USB Socket

Always check your USB port if you face an issue while charging your phone. See if it is broken or covered with some dust particles.
Try to clean the socket with a soft cotton cloth and that will be fine, but if it is broken you need to replace it. If USB socket is creating an issue with the charging of your phone, it means there is no issue with your phone and it is working fine.

4) Replace the Battery

If all above mentioned procedures went fine, instead of going to phone repair shop try with changing the battery. Most of the times a tormented battery prevents your phone from charging properly.

5) Third-party apps

Always check if some third-party app is creating an issue and not letting your phone charge properly. If you have recently installed an app and suddenly your phone stops charging, check again by uninstalling the app.
If an app is causing the charging problem, uninstalling that would rectify the issue and you will enjoy a longer charging of your phone.

6) Software Updates

Check with the software of the phone. Sometimes, a phone stops responding to every action once it is updated with the latest mobile.

Both iOS and Android come up with regular software updates to improve their customer experience. A new device can definitely gain from such an update but often an older phone is incapable of managing the higher demands of an improved software. With the latest software, a phone with relatively smaller RAM and even ROM can slow down and that also affects the charging capability of the phone.

So, if you are looking for solution to that problem, all that needs done is that you rollback the update. And keep the version of the software that your phone RAM can handle and run easily without affecting the performance of your phone.

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